A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear! Most people are not aware of their role in the destruction of bears. If humans allow bears to access non-natural food sources such as garbage, they help to create "problem" bears. In most cases, "problem" bears must be destroyed because they damage property and are a potential threat to human safety. Conservation Officers in British Columbia have to kill, on average, 538 black bears and 37 grizzlies each year because of real or perceived threats to human safety. Most of these bears come into conflict with people because they are allowed to access non-natural food sources. Under the new amendments to the Wildlife Act, it is an offense to feed bears or disobey orders to remove and clean up food, food waste or other substances that can attract a bear to your campsite. Under the direction of Conservation Officers, we are required to "remove and seize” any food, food waste or domestic garbage that is not stored within your vehicle or in some other safe manner. If you fail to comply with the order, you may (at the discretion of the Conservation Officers) face a heavy penalty of up to $50,000 and/or six months in jail and you will be evicted from the campground immediately Please keep your campsite clean. Store food items properly. Remove your garbage to the bins we have provided. Report ALL bear sightings to the campground office immediately




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